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Inside The Dogs Mind 

Jen Braybrook – People Trainer 

I have been lucky enough to have spent the last 10 years breeding and raising Bulldogges. I have spent every day of the last 4 years with my dogs. Spending so much time with them, I was able to teach and understand how Dogs actually learn. We are making it way harder than it actually is People! 

I teach one on one, I come to your house! Family members that are active in the dog’s upbringing are encouraged to participate. All sessions are a Minimum of an hour long. The first thing we do is establish communication with each other over the phone. You will go into detail about the behavior that is going on and from there I will have a better understanding of behavior prior to our first session. 

There is a reason for bad/poor behaviors it is a learned trait. Let’s tackle that unwanted behavior together. And make that smile come back when you say your dog’s name. 

I love teaching puppies as well! They are such little sponges and they soak up anything that you can throw at them good or bad! I have had my fair share of puppies over the course of 10 years being an Olde English Bulldogge Breeder. I have to say puppies are my favorite to teach. Everything is new to them and every day is a day that they can learn and grow! 

I have made my fair share of mistakes when raising and training past dogs/puppies. I learned from my mistakes and I have the knowledge to help you through this trying time. Let me help you achieve the goal that you have set for you and your dog 

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Need a Dog Walker? 

I offer a dog working service. What is a dog working service you ask? I come to your home when 

you’re  working and I assess and train your dog for an hour. I have found that mental stimulation tires the dogs out more so then an hour long walk. Let me correct those bad behaviors and train and teach them some fun and useful tricks. 

You’re getting a two for one service. Service starts at $30 an hour depending on where you are located. 

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Jen Braybrook