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Dog Sports

Twoey`s Wedding video debut!

The Nut!

Punchy Babies

Fat Annie to the rescue!

It's 630am! you all need to go back to bed!

Kevin and Eddie

Astrid 7 weeks old  shake a paw

Nutter playing Frisbee

Smart dog

Puppies 7 weeks old Kennel Trained

Jam x Harley Puppies learning to come and sit, 7 Weeks old

Kegger learning how to come and sit, 7 Weeks old

Gator Frog Hunter  


Nutter takes 4th Place in the March 8, 2014 Intermediate Disc Competition

Xrays - An inside look!

Lily Meets Kilo, Nicki & Phoebe, Sophie & Brooklyn, Remi, Ben & Dexter

Ting/Petey Litter 3 weeks old - Video

Ting's Baby Belly Photo Gallery

Ting's Ultrasound Photos - August 10, 2012 (Day 39)

Pregnancy Calendar - Ting/Petey Fall 2012

Gator - Funny Youtube clip

All Juiced Up Bulldogges - Animal Planet Show

NY Times article on English Bulldogs -
Warns of all the health issues and references Oldies as a better alternative

January 3, 2011 - Day 54 - Pregnancy Confirmed!

Juiced Up's Hawaiian Punch (Nutter) Wins 2010 Top Dog Awards!

Puppy Photo Shoot - Amazing Photos

Great Link - Snowboarding Bulldogs

Fun in the Snow

Puppy Pages - Each puppy now has their own page!

5 Weeks Old - More on Youtube

Youtube clip of puppies

Video of puppies at 3 weeks old

Puppies have arrived - Click here for more information

Check out photos of JELLY'S BABY BELLY!!!!

New YOUTUBE link of Gator as a puppy