We are so excited to announce our planned breeding this winter 2019-2020 between Ace and Bella.  We are expecting some thick stocky, easygoing Bullies from this pairing.

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All Juiced Up`s ``Ace up the Sleeve``


Our big guy Ace is weighing in at 85 pounds. He is a lovable, easygoing, happy and loyal boy. His head is HUGE!!!!

We are so excited to see what he will produce! We have big expectations of our boy and we know he won`t disappoint!

Check out more photos of Ace

All Juiced Up`s `Hellz Bellz


The time has finally come! We will be breeding Bella this winter. This thick girlie weighs in at 60 pounds of solid muscle! Bella is affectionate and loving and she enjoys greeting people daily at her dad`s barber shop!

Check out Bella`s video