The Moody Family

Willow was added into our family in 2017. Jen was amazing from the start. She really took the time to hear our family’s story, listened to our wants and needs and matched us with a pup that had the perfect personality for us. Prior to Willow my boys had been bitten by a lab. Jen was able to pick out a pup that was always gentle with them, loves to cuddle and has a great personality. We also wanted a dog that could do activities with the family. While Willow is not the best hiker....she LOVES to swim and fetch sticks. We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to the family and can not thank Jen enough! Highly recommend Jen for her professionalism, the love she puts into the pups to make sure they are well rounded and healthy and all the communication she provided for the 8 weeks prior to pick up.


The DiBerto Family

Jen is the best breeder I have ever used. Amazing dogs. Amazing home.

Continued to help me with questions.

As for my boy Knox. He is 7 months 60lbs. And one of the best things to happen to our family!


Thank you Jen



Shannon de souza

Was an incredible experience from start to finish. Jen loves what she does and it shows. We met, discussed our families and Jen picked a PERFECT pup when the litter arrived. Our puppy Davidson is outstanding. Amazing with kids and a model baby brother to our Beabull Harley.

Would highly recommend All Juiced Up Bulldogges to anyone looking to add a Bulldogge to their family.

Edith & Arthur

The Gosling Family

We got our two amazing dogs, Edith in 2017 and Arthur in 2019, from Jen. They are wonderful, goofy, loving dogs who have completed our home. Jen had them well trained when we got them and made everything as easy as possible. Thank you so much for our awesome pooches! We love them!

Harley & Stitch

The Marshall Family

We have two beautiful bullies from Jen and they are just the best dogs - so smart, cuddly and so playful. The whole experience in meeting them and picking our pups was incredible. Jen knows each dog’s personality and matches you with the perfect pup. Thank you Jen!!


April & Chris

It was in the spring of 2017, a few years after losing our bullmastiff that my husband, Chris and I decide it was time to get another dog. After months of deliberation we came to the conclusions the dog breed for us was an Olde English Bulldogge.

This is the part where Jen Braybrook from All Juiced up Bulldogges, comes in. I still remember that day as if it was yesterday. Chris and I went out to visit Jen and her dogs and it was at that exact moment we knew we made the right... choice. Instantly, she made us feel at home and was able to openly answer all our questions. We knew from that initial meeting she was the right choice for us.

What an amazing experience it was and continues to be...from the first puppy picture she texted us when the puppies were born in March of 2018, to the weekly puppy visit once they were two weeks old. Right up to the day when our Fugee McLovin, left Jen’s care and came to stay with us in his new forever home.

Jen is one of the kindest and down to earth people you will ever meet...it only takes meeting her once to know. She loves her dogs and cares about their well-being and that’s something that will never change, but what really separates her from the rest is the lifelong breeder support and friendship you receive. Once you make the decision to get a puppy from All Juiced up Bulldogges, there’s no looking back...you instantly become a lifetime Juiced Up family member!

The Genge/Woods household


Edith Trembley

Our amazing Kashew came from All Juiced Up Bulldogges and he's the best, big lover of all time. He's active, loves to be with us no matter what we do, and most of all has the stamina and energy of a dog who CAN do most things. We love our boy. Thank you Jen and Deanna for breeding and raising fantastic puppies!


Jill fairchild

We got our sweet girl Lily (formerly Fat Annie) from All Juiced Up Bulldogges in the fall of 2016. I had been a regular visitor to the website for years and knew when we were ready to get our bully this was the only place we would go. Lily is sweet, goofy, loveable, smart and super friendly. She is a hit wherever we go and everyone falls in love with her. I can never thank you guys enough for doing what you do so well and giving us our best friend!!

Jax & Lexi

Jeannette & Brian Anderson

We got our first dog Jax from Jen in 2014. We absolutely loved how well she handled everything and how amazing he was that we added Lexi to our family in 2017. We wouldn’t hesitate to get another dog from Jen. She loves what she does and is amazing with the dogs.

Jack & Ginger

Chris & dan amantea

We brought Jack home in 2016. He is a goofy, sweet, chill, big hearted lap dog and we can’t imagine life without him! He is very smart and quick to learn anything we want to teach him. I joke with Jen that he might be a genius! Haha. He is a show stopper wherever we go. ❤️
We brought Ginger home in 2018. She is just as smart and sweet as her big brother and is always in the action with a sense of humour that constantly makes us laugh.
Jen is amazing! They came crate trained, house trained, knowing basic commands, and she even had them sitting for their dinner. She is always available for questions and advice and she loves each and every dog she has produced. She has become family and we love her! ?

Colleen Kerr, Matt Lotochinski, Madi and Meatball

It all started near the end of November 2013 when we lost our beloved Rottweiler, Harley. She had lived a wonderful life. We had created so many lasting memories with her over the years. Her passing left me shattered and empty. I knew I needed a new puppy to give my heart to, to raise and take care of. Our hearts always belonged to Rotties, but I knew I couldn't bring another one into our home. It would not be fair to the new dog to always be compared to Harley, as she was in our eyes, the smartest, gentlest, all around best Rottweiler ever created. So what breed to go with began the discussion...I always loved English Bulldogs, my husband had always loved French. I enjoyed running with my dogs, taking them when we went away, etc. We live in a place that gets very hot in the summer and that is when most of our activities happen so we knew neither of those breeds would work out as they both are not
                                                                              good in the extreme heat   nor are they athletic or hardy.

One day we happened upon a show called Breeder of the Pack on Animal Planet. It featured two sisters from Ontario breeding a rare breed called Olde English Bulldogges. This totally peaked our interest. These dogs were everything we wanted, they were athletic, liked to swim... (well most of them), lol. If you ever see the show, Jen's one dog didn't do so well in the water. After seeing the show we researched the breed more, fell in love with the idea of having an Olde English Bulldogge and now just a matter of finding a puppy. It never occurred to us at first to try to contact the sisters and since we live across the country, we searched out local breeders. We met with one that left a really bad taste our mouths so to speak, and many red flags came up for us. The only other ones we found were shot down because they didn't look like Nutter from All Juiced Up.
One morning I just thought why not try to contact All Juiced Up. I found their website, and don't remember if I called or emailed, but about an hour later they had responded. They were cheerful, informative, answered my thousand question and then some. We were hooked and put a deposit down on the next litter coming up.
Throughout the pregnancy, birth and first couple months Jen sent us endless pictures and videos. We even got to Face Time so we could see the pups live. She was incredible to deal with and alleviated any concern I had about being thousands of miles away. When our pup, Madi, was eight weeks old my friends daughter was coming to BC from Toronto and was able to bring Madi with her on the plane. Jen was even more than helpful getting the dog into Toronto for the trip.
Madi just turned a year old and we are waiting for our second All Juiced Up Bulldogge to be ready to come live with us. Yes you read it right. My husband never got over his interest in Jen's dog Nutter, so we are getting a boy from the Charlie and Nutter litter.

We hope to one day travel to one of the All Juiced Up Bulldogge BBQ'S with our dogs to meet their siblings and all the other All Juiced Up extended families. We truly feel not only did we just buy dogs from this most incredible breeder, but we gained friendships that will last a lifetime. I still send Jen new pics of Madi all the time and keep in touch with some of the other families.
We are so happy with Madi and the breed. People are constantly stopping us on the street asking about her and complimenting us on her unique coloring and beauty. She also has personality plus. She will often do somersaults on our walks and through the snow and can pretty much always be found at my side.

Thanks Jen and Deanna of All Juiced Up Bulldogges, your dogs have literally mended my broken heart and completed our family.
Yours sincerely,
Colleen Kerr & Matt Lotochinski

Dustine, Pascal, Brandon, Kela, Mekena and Duke
Saint John, NB


For years, our three young children had been begging for a puppy but because of our hectic lives, we always had to say no because it would not have been fair to a dog.  Finally, we were able to make a huge move that gave us more family time and we agreed it was the right time for a puppy. We read all we could on what would breeds be great with children, would be able to be a part of the family for a long time and would best fit our lifestyle.  We decided on the Old English Bully and then began the research for a breeder that we would feel safe working with.  That was when I found All Juiced Up Bulldogges!!!

From the moment I filled out the application form, I knew that the screening meant that they really cared about their dogs.  I didn't mind answering their questions one bit. From our very first phone call, Jen has been absolutely AMAZING!!!  She answered all our questions and was so outgoing and personable right off the bat, I knew I wanted to work with them.  During one of our first calls, Jen asked what we were looking for.  For our family with young children, personality was the most important quality.  We had no preference as to sex or colour and we left it up to her to match the right dog to us. 

Now, lots of people have comments on the website about how Jen and Erin kept them up to date throughout the process, but I had no idea how much work they really did.  We literally received emails, photos, videos and texts about our puppy almost daily and because of it, we fell in love with him before we even met him. 

Even though we live outside of Ontario, my son, Brandon and I were fortunate enough to have been able to go and pick our puppy up.  It was so cool to have been able to finally see Jen in person and we were met with huge smiles and hugs.  We were able to meet and play with the other dogs too, including Jelly.  We took tons of pictures and when it was time to go, there were a few tears shed but again, this proved to me that we made the right decision by choosing All Juiced Up.  They love their dogs and they really are great at what they do.

Thank you, Jen, for all you have done for us.  Duke's personality is exactly what we were hoping for. He is loving, playful and laid back and great with the kids.  He is already part of our family and we are so in love with him!

Saint John, NB

Todd & Benson
Hamilton, ON

Bulldogs have always held a special place in my heart. A few months after the loss of my Great Dane, I decided I needed a new companion, as I feel no home is complete without a dog. After doing a lot of research and reading, I decided that the Olde English Bulldogge was the right fit for me. I looked at a few breeders websites, before I came across the All Juiced Up Bulldogges site. I was very impressed by the pictures and information they provided on not only their dogs, but the breed in general. After reading the website, I knew that I had found the right breeder. Erin and Jen's site showed that they not only cared about producing beautiful dogs, but that those dogs went to the right people. I decided to fill out the form to inquire about a puppy.

When I discussed my decision with my family, they still had some reservations about my choice. I decided to take Erin and Jen up on their offer, picked up my mother, and went to visit them at the local show. Erin and Jen were absolutely wonderful. They answered all my questions, introduced us to their furry family, and showed us what their dogs could do, winning awards like crazy that day! As we were leaving, my mom turned to me and said, "Yep, thats your dog." She was right.

Erin and Jen kept me up to date on everything once Ting's day got close. Updates and pictures came frequently from the minute they were born, until the day I came to take my boy home. I would look foreward to coming home to work, because it seemed every day I'd find a video of puppies playing, pictures of a puppy pile sleeping, pictures of brand newly opened puppy eyes, and other milestones in my inbox. Weekends would usually include an intrusion into Erin's house for puppy time. Not only did I get to spend time and see for myself just how big the pups were getting, I frequently got to meet the other parents adopting pups. It was fantastic.

While we're on the subject, if you get a chance to attend a "Bully BBQ" I fully endorse the experience. I've never seen anything quite as awe inspiring as watching a herd of bulldogges take over a field, a swimming pool, and a picnic all at the same time.

Benson has been the star of the show since bringing him home. I've never met a dog quite like him. Full of play and too smart for his own good(or mine). We can't walk half a block without a swarm of kids running over to see him, it seems. I've even had people stop their cars and pull over to ask me about my dog. Every time we go to the vet, my vet (an English Bulldog owner for the record) cant say enough about how perfect he is, and how she can't believe how good his joints are, his range of motion, his temperament, everything! She says she's never seen a bulldog that can swim. I can't wait for the summer so I can get some video for her.

Thanks Erin and Jen, for making my home complete.

Robyn, Micah, Milica and Lachlan
Fergus, ON

We are fortunate enough to have not 1 but 2 Olde English Bulldogge’s from All Juiced Up! We have two young children and wanted to add to our family by getting a dog and our eldest insisted upon it being a puppy. I did plenty of research on a few different kinds of breeds and settled on the Olde English Bulldogge’s because they are healthier and a bit more energetic than the English Bulldogge’s, and really who can not fall in love with their faces!

It did not take much thought or time to settle on getting our bulldogge from All Juiced Up. Erin and Jen were so welcoming by opening up their homes and spending as much time as needed to answer all our questions. Also, what drew us to their breeding program was the devotion and care they have to every puppy they produce and the families that raise them. This is evident through their application process, buy back policy/health guarantee and the continued interest they have in their puppies by having an annual BBQ.

From the time we spent with Erin and Jen we grew to know them and their breeding program and it is obvious that their top quality bulldogge’s come from their knowledgeable selection process of the dogs that they breed from All Juiced Up and the dogs from other kennel’s that they breed their dogs with.

Thank you so much Erin and Jen for giving us Luna and Titus, they provide our family with endless love and entertainment! And man, they are just so darn cute!!!

Irv, Cori & Chazz
Toronto, ON

Our Bully turns 2 this month! We have had him since April of 2010 when we were both 54 years old, we had to consider the age thing seriously because in 15 years we will be close to 70! Could we realistically handle a dog? After much debate we decided to be dog parents again. We knuckled down with consistent training and now reap the benefits, Chazz has been a wonderful addition to our home.

As our three kids moved on and out it has been alot of fun to have a dog again in our midst, he is a sweet boy who fit in right away, great with everyone including two housecats he became an instant favorite. With multiple daily walks he is keeping us in shape, we are getting lots of fresh air, and socializing with lots of other dogs and their walkers, now it seems impossible to be without him.

Even though his size far exceeded our vision of him full grown he is a beautiful beast who gets constant attention from total strangers. Cars pull over on the street and people hop out to see him. Old ladies at bus stops can't help but smile. Small kids are attracted to him like magnets. Even the toughest teens from the high school nearby will come over to ask to pat Chazz and talk about him.

The breeders at All Juiced Up are wonderful, caring, & concerned, Jen and Erin have always been available for advice and clearly love all their pups.  They keep in touch with newsy emails, photos and follow-up with occasional get togethers. I am sure it is just as fabulous for them to see Chazz as it is for us to see his siblings and parents.

We are in central Toronto if any one would like to see just what a great dogge Chazz is!!

Olde English Bulldogges are a great breed, lotsa fun, playful, loyal, loving and smart!

Alyssa, Clay & Furley
Mississauga, ON

When we decided to get an Olde English Bulldogge pup, we researched a number of breeders from across Canada. We had a great feeling about All Juiced UpBulldogges when we initially contacted them for information about their breeding program, which was confirmed right away once we met Erin and Jen in person at a Rare Breed show in the summer of 2011. Their passion and knowledge ofthe breed, and selective placement criteria, was impressive right off the bat.

When the litter was born in October 2011, their genuine friendliness and patience both with our many questions and also with our many visits to choose our pup (and our many visits to see him thereafter!) reinforced that we had made the right decision. We love our little guy with all of our hearts and know that we can count on Erin and Jen to answer any questions we may have as he grows up. We would recommend All Juiced Up Bulldogges without hesitation to anyone who has made the decision to bring this wonderful breed into their family.

Ross, Chelsea & Abel

We have been so happy with our "All Juiced Up Bulldogges" experience. Right from the beginning the personal touches and relationship with Erin and Jen allowed us to find the perfect puppy for our family. With the videos and weekly photos we watched our puppy grow and were bonded to him before we even met.

Abel is so gentle and full of personality that is is obvious he came from a very caring family. Everything about our experience with Erin and Jen has been exceptional and professional and all about the comfort and happiness of their puppies.

Thank you so much you guys for giving us our wonderful new addition and for being such a good support and source of information.

Martha, Andres, Breana & (El) Gordo
Toronto, ON

Andres had always been a dog lover and owner but I wasn't and hadn't. I had dog ‘sat’ several times but never thought I wanted my own. Our kids begged for a dog, I was reluctant. Until one Sunday afternoon we went to PawsWay and I met Erin, Jelly and Ting, that is when I fell for the Olde English Bulldogge. Had it been any other breeder I’m not sure I’d feel the same way. Not only does Erin have a super warm personality, she is extremely knowledgeable and informative about the OEB breed. She assured us that she would work with us to find the right match for our family and she did just that.

When we had our visit with all the puppies she let us know each ones personality which I would think to be difficult since there were 12 of them! Just one of the many ways she showed her commitment to all of us (Tikka, puppies and us).

It’s been a few weeks since we welcomed Gordo into our home and we bonded with him immediately. He’s an easy going guy for the most part, a very quick learner and remarkably handsome!! We couldn’t have found a better dog for us.

Thanks Erin and Jen!!

Michelle & Gracie
Ajax, ON

Since March 19th, 8:19 p.m. on a Friday evening in the year 2011, my heart has opened up to the cutest bully I have ever seen.  I was never a bully lover, let alone had the privilege of owning one.  Erin & Jen walked me through the whole process.  The name I wanted for this little girl was to be elegant, set apart from the rest and stand out alone.  Finally, I chose the name Gracie, her show name was to have the 'Wild West' theme so I chose 'Calamity Jane' as I knew she was going to be a firecracker for a while.

This dog has opened my heart and has changed my views of Bulldogs.  Living alone we have naturally built a very strong bond, she gives me a reason to get up in the morning and always wants to romp on the bed before we start out day.  Gracie has grown to be a wonderful friend and companion, I enjoy her every minute of the day.  It is so true, we do not get the dog we want but the dog we need.  She has brightened my life and I just wanted to let everyone know how much Erin & Jen have changed my life by letting me own the cutest Olde English Bulldogge that I know!

Thank you Erin & Jen and thank you for all of the help and understanding when I ask you for advice, you were there with no questions asked and it was so appreciated.  I thank you for my little Gracie, let the adventures continue.

Stan, Noreen & Bob
Cranbrook, BC

Over the years my husband and I have dealt with several breeders and found you to be at the top of our list.  Our pup is a ball of fun and is very smart. 

I would recommend your kennel to all my friends and know they would get a good healthy pup.  Not the best pup because we already got the best one!!!!!  We thank you very much.